We Know What To Do Next.

At Clicktera, our ten teams of experts (with a variety of marketing disciplines) create returns-focused Integrated Marketing Systems (IMS) for our clients. Each customized IMS we create (and run) utilizes dozens of technologies and tactics that are up-to-the-minute best practices in marketing today.

We excel at:

  • Lead Generation
  • Rebranding
  • Product Launches
  • Start-Ups

Most clients choose us for several reasons. The most common are:

We know what works. And we always know what to do next.

After 7,000 campaigns in almost 200 markets, we’ve seen it all. Twice.

Our 24 proprietary marketing software platforms are unlike anything your competitors have ever experienced.

We know what to say, who to say it to, and how to say it.

We know how to successfully innovate on command. Our Integrated Marketing System (IMS) is a perfect example.

We are adept at quickly learning new businesses and concepts. Nothing is too hard for us.

One predictable monthly invoice.

Fast. Hard. Fierce. Sound familiar?
The pace of business these days is faster than it was five years ago. Marketing is much more complex than it was just a couple years ago. And competition? Most business leaders agree: competition has never been more fierce than it is today.

The reason? Technology. Technology increases the ability to get things done. With this power, technology increases the speed of everything – including the the speed of success and failure.

One of the areas of business that has been most affected by recent revolutions in technology is marketing. It is now possible to know more than ever before about your target audience. It is now possible to be more targeted than anyone would have ever believed a decade or so ago.

Truthfully, technology has increased the speed of marketing beyond the capability of unassisted human effort to compete.

Technology by its very nature is difficult to master. And every innovation multiplies the complexity. Most companies today simply cannot afford the personnel and resources that are necessary to adequately compete in the new marketing environment so many exciting advances in technology have created.

The above statement was true even before the advent of machine intelligence which is adding even more fuel to the fires of change – and even more distance between competitors.

Note: If you haven’t considered the role machine learning will play in your business (marketing or otherwise), you prove our point. It is difficult to orient yourself when the merry-go-round is spinning so fast.

At Clicktera, we thrive in the new era of marketing technology. And our innovative business model takes full advantage of the opportunities available to our clients while keeping ROI front and center.

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